Case study: new neck

The client purchased an EVH guitar and loved everything except for the neck; He preferred a thinner profile that flattened toward the heel.

Initial glue up

We chose curly maple and cherry from our stock of hard woods

Neck blanks

The maple/cherry/maple laminate is squared, resawed, planed and sanded to thickness


The client picked a curly maple fretboard with some unique figure and color

Truss Rod

A low profile 2 way truss rod is inserted into the routed blank

Neck and headstock shape

The customer wanted an exact match for the headstock shape and width at the nut and heel


After the fretboard is glued to the neck, jumbo EVO frets are pressed

Abalone markers

The client chose abalone for fret markers

EVO gold fretwire

The old, neck next to the new. Upgrades at every turn

Milling for a locking nut

The customer wanted to use existing hardware and keep the old neck original

Paint booth

sealed with shellac and ready for lacquer

Colors and figure

The grain is popping!

Time to cure

Lacquer needs 3 to 4 weeks to cure before polishing

Fret work

The new neck is leveled, crowned and polished


The client wanted Charvel branding

Ready for the body

Neck alignment is critical for playability

EVH with a custom neck

Once assembled, a full set up is executed

One of a kind

The attention to detail makes this neck stand out among factory standards

Happy clients!

The customer was thrilled when he came to pick it up and banged out a few classic VH riffs for good measure!