Repairs performed

Call John  Wilmink at 440-503-1974 for appointment

The items below are just a few of the most popular services  offered, please call 440-503-1974 to discuss your requirements

Pickups, pots, all electronics Your Pickups are installed at $60 for the first and $40 for each additional. Potentiometers are supplied and installed at $25 each. We have an extensive inventory of switches, output jacks and capacitors; ask me about wiring modifications and upgrades!

Hand Wound Pickups: Wound for maximum clarity and highest resonant peak. We can overwind for hotter output or back off a little for more headroom. All styles available including PAF style humbuckers, Vintage strat single coils using heavy formvar wire, Telecaster and P90. Repairs are performed in the least invasive way; sometimes we can back off a few winds, find a short and reconnect for a new lease on the life of a vintage coil.

Set ups for standard 6 string are $75.00 and include:

-Inspect all hardware and tighten as required

-Dress frets to remove light scratches and tarnish/corrosion

-Clean and oil fretboard

-Clean the entire instrument with specialty guitar cleaner

-String up (standard strings included, most sizes in stock)

-Electronics inspection and cleaning

-Check truss rod function and adjust neck relief

-Adjust string action at the nut

-Adjust string action at the bridge

-Adjust intonation

-Adjust pickup Height 

Fret Level, Crown and Polish  $180.00 plus set up

-Tape off and protect fretboard and body

-Level frets with Sanding beam

-Recrown Frets with specialty files

-Sand file marks smooth

-Dress fret ends as required

-Polish frets with buffing compound

-Ramp the frets at the bridge end down for better action and bigger bends

Refret $350.00 plus set up and new bone nut

-Remove worn frets

-Condition/reshape fretboard as required

-Refret with fretwire of your choice

-Level, crown and polish

Hand Carved Bone (or Mammoth Tusk) Nut or Saddle $80.00 ($180.00 Mammoth)

-Properly processed bovine nut blank

-Fitted to your instrument

-Cut to match your string choice

-20,000 year old Siberian Wooly Mammoth tusk available


-Full finishing services starting at $300.00

-Classic colors, bursts

-Customs colors, metallics and pearls

-High gloss mirror finish

-Matte finish

-Scuffing neck for less sticky feel

Guitar Kit Finishing

-Have a guitar kit started and no time to finish it? We can help! Call and we will sort the details.

Bridge Reset $160 plus set up

-Bridges on acoustic guitars often start to lift at the back, sometimes coming all the way off. This happens all of the time, and the fix is called a Bridge Reset. First the bridge is completely removed and all finish and adhesive is removed from the surface of the guitar and bridge. Then the area is carefully masked off and the bridge is reinstalled with a series of specialized clamps and fish glue. After curing, the bridge pin holes are reamed to remove adhesive and we can proceed onto the set up.

Neck Reset Start at $450 plus set up, refret recommended

-Neck resets change the neck angle to allow for better action and greater playing comfort. High action can cause intonation issues and difficulty in playing. With a Neck Reset, the neck is removed, material removed from the heel of the neck, and then reattached with proper dovetail (if required) adjustment.